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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County

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Kim Anastas, Executive Director

Because of individuals like you, we are putting our children on a path to success.  What if every child fulfills his/her potential?  What if every child is set on the right path today?

Research finds that children who succeed in school are more likely to avoid risky behaviors and delinquency.  Big Brothers Big Sisters increases their chances of staying in school, achieving academically, and staying out of trouble.

This year, if 40 people gave…

  • $40 – one new mentoring relationships could be formed and supported
  • $80 – two new mentoring relationships could be formed and supported
  • $250 – support the start of a new School-Based Mentoring program in one local elementary school
  • $500 – support the start of new School-Based Mentoring programs in two local elementary schools
  • $1,000 – support the start of new School-Based Mentoring programs in three local elementary schools

On behalf of the hundreds of local children and families positively impacted by Big Brothers Big Sisters, we thank you for considering a contribution – creating opportunities, fulfilling dreams, and starting something BIG through your generosity.


Be a part of something BIG!

BBBS Program

There are two main BBBS Programs:  Community–based Big Brothers Big Sisters, and School-based mentoring.

In the community-based program, Big Brother and Big Sister staff screen and match prospective volunteers with children who have been identified and enrolled by their custodial parent or guardian.  Volunteer “Bigs” provide children and youth – our “Littles” – individualized time and attention on a regular basis, typically for two hours weekly or every other week.  During unstructured conversations and shared activities, they develop a relationship that helps youth manage the every day challenges that are part of “growing up.”  During the time with their Big, children gain new skills and explore new interests that expand their experiences beyond their family.

Over the course of time, children gain confidence, acquire new skills and competencies, and develop an enhanced capacity to care for others—all tasks that are a part of developing healthy maturity.  Volunteers experience a sense of discovery and enjoyment as they see the world of possibility open up through the child’s eyes.

In cooperation with Geneva College, Big Brothers Big Sisters staff members transport children to campus for weekly meetings with their college student Big Brother or Sister during the college year.

Though School-based mentoring volunteers (adults or high school students) offer children and youth individualized time and attention on a consistent basis, with the venue the child’s school rather than the community.

The closeness in age makes utilizing high school students as Big Brothers and Big Sisters appealing to elementary students—they are older “friends.”  In return, High School Bigs experience the life changing power of community service, gain valuable experience with children, and may build their college resume as well.  Littles gain the same benefits that are provided by adult Bigs and have the opportunity to connect with a role model close to their own age.

Teachers identify those children who can most benefit from an extra caring person in their lives.  Volunteers and children meet weekly during the school year.  Whether they play board games, or read a book together, the relationship promotes a positive school experience for the child:  good attendance, positive peer and adult relationships, a positive attitude, and academic enrichment.