About Us

Our Mission

The United Way of Beaver County is a centralized, non-profit fundraising organization allocating resources, primarily through its member agencies which provide for the human needs of the community.

The Symbol Says it All

You’ve seen this symbol around–at health agencies, day care facilities, neighborhood centers and, of course on all United Way posters and publications. But did you know the symbol’s very simple, yet universal, message?

At the bottom is a helping hand. The hand symbolizes the services and programs supported by the United Way that in turn support the people in our community. The image in the center, based on the universal symbol of mankind, is cradled by the helping hand. It shows that all people are supported and uplifted by United Way efforts. And a rainbow springs from the helping hand, representing the hope of a better life possible through the United Way.

In these simple figures is the sum total of the United Way philosophy: to promote voluntarism and to support voluntary organizations in their efforts to provide a better life for us all.