Member Agencies

The United Way of Beaver County Proudly Assists:



Teresa Lukes, Administrative Director

616 4th Street
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Ph (724) 843-1111
Fax (724) 843-8886 


Prevention of Blindness

The Prevention of Blindness program provides vision screenings for children and adults, low-cost glasses program for low income population, glasses cleaning/adjustments/repairs, educational programs (eye health, safety, and awareness) for schools, senior centers, organizations, and health fairs.

Specialized Services

This program provides transportation with sighted guide, mail reading, grocery shopping, banking assistance, life skills classes, support groups, information and referral, orientation and mobility training, rehabilitation instruction, children’s programs, and assistive technology.

beaver county cancer & heart association

John Horvath, Executive Director

3582 Brodhead Road, Suite 201
Monaca, PA 15061
Ph (724) 774-6600
Fax (724) 774-5838


Support Services

The Support Services program gives people the opportunity to purchase Nutritional Supplements at 40% less than retail price. This program also offers a breast cancer support group.

Pharmaceutical Assistance

The Pharmaceutical Assistance Program is a joint program of the Beaver County Cancer & Heart Association and the Beaver County Medical Society to assist patients who may need financial assistance in securing their prescribed medications.

Cancer Awareness

Beaver County Cancer & Heart Association conducts three cancer awareness programs – breast, skin cancer and the colors of cancer. In addition, we serve children with cancer through the Angels R’ Us fund.

Heart Health

Beaver County Cancer & Heart Association offers cholesterol and pre-diabetes screenings to the public and to 7th grade students within the school districts of Beaver County. For the past three school years, we have been able to offer complimentary cholesterol screenings to high school seniors who were identified as having high cholesterol when they were in 7th grade. In 2006, we reached out to the children in Beaver County with a life threatening heart condition and included them in the Angels ‘R’ Us Fund. In addition, the Executive Director has made many Heart Truth presentations.

beaver county rehabilitation center

Paulette Miller, Executive Director

131 Pleasant Dr
Aliquippa PA 15001
Ph (724) 378-4750
Fax (724) 378-4526



Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Throughout the years, BCRC has seen a significant expansion of existing facilities and services. The BCRC Assessment Center commenced operations in the summer of 1993. Over the years, BCRC has added services for persons who are deaf, community job coaching and job placement, School-To-Work transition services, Project Success (job placement for persons who are economically disadvantaged), the Payment Agent Program and an evening social program. BCRC initiated Psychiatric Rehabilitation services, an individualized program for persons with mental illness, in 2003. The agency also added business ventures such as Candy Bouquet and Records Management, designed to increase the variety of work options available to individuals served by the program.

Today BCRC provides services from several different locations. The future is bright for the Beaver County Rehabilitation Center and the more than 300 persons currently served by the agency. The "Clients” progress inspires the staff to work even harder to provide greater choice for BCRC’s clients and more opportunities for them to grow and flourish.  The clients, staff and Board of Directors of the Beaver County Rehabilitation Center look ahead confidently as they make “a promise for the future”.

Beaver County YMCA

Mike Harich, President/CEO

2236 Third Avenue
New Brighton, PA 15066
Ph (724) 891-8439
Fax (724) 847-3923



Before/ After School Care

With a change in the working family, the need for this program is critical. Working families need safe, reliable and affordable care for children. This program is operates in New Brighton, Riverside and Hopewell.

Child Care

Complete full time day care center that focuses on opportunities to develop social skills and learning functions that build healthy body, mind and spirit.

Pre-School/ Before After School Care

The half-day licensed pre-school center facilitates learning social skills for preparation to enter required educational settings. This program operates in New Brighton, Baden and Hopewell.

Teen Center

The Teen Center is an important area for teen growth. With computers for homework, ping pong, foosball, billiards and tutoring, this area is a safe haven for teens to relax, to learn, to do homework and to grow.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Beaver County


Kim Anastas, Executive Director

1475 Third Avenue
New Brighton, PA 15066
Ph (724) 843-4600
Fax (724) 843-4602


Because of individuals like you, we are putting our children on a path to success. What if every child fulfills his/her potential? What if every child is set on the right path today? Research finds that children who succeed in school are more likely to avoid risky behaviors and delinquency. Big Brothers Big Sisters increases their chances of staying in school, achieving academically, and staying out of trouble.

This year, if 40 people gave…

  • $40 – one new mentoring relationships could be formed and supported
  • $80 – two new mentoring relationships could be formed and supported
  • $250 – support the start of a new School-Based Mentoring program in one local elementary school
  • $500 – support the start of new School-Based Mentoring programs in two local elementary schools
  • $1,000 – support the start of new School-Based Mentoring programs in three local elementary schools

On behalf of the hundreds of local children and families positively impacted by Big Brothers Big Sisters, we thank you for considering a contribution – creating opportunities, fulfilling dreams, and starting something BIG through your generosity.


There are two main BBBS Programs: Community-based Big Brothers Big Sisters, and School-based mentoring.

In the community-based program, Big Brother and Big Sister staff screen and match prospective volunteers with children who have been identified and enrolled by their custodial parent or guardian. Volunteer “Bigs” provide children and youth – our “Littles” – individualized time and attention on a regular basis, typically for two hours weekly or every other week. During unstructured conversations and shared activities, they develop a relationship that helps youth manage the every day challenges that are part of “growing up.” During the time with their Big, children gain new skills and explore new interests that expand their experiences beyond their family.

Over the course of time, children gain confidence, acquire new skills and competencies, and develop an enhanced capacity to care for others - all tasks that are a part of developing healthy maturity. Volunteers experience a sense of discovery and enjoyment as they see the world of possibility open up through the child’s eyes.

In cooperation with Geneva College, Big Brothers Big Sisters staff members transport children to campus for weekly meetings with their college student Big Brother or Sister during the college year.

Through school-based mentoring, volunteers (adults or high school students) offer children and youth individualized time and attention on a consistent basis, with the venue being the child’s school rather than the community.

The closeness in age makes utilizing high school students as Big Brothers and Big Sisters appealing to elementary students—they are older “friends.” In return, High School Bigs experience the life changing power of community service, gain valuable experience with children, and may build their college resume as well. Littles gain the same benefits that are provided by adult Bigs and have the opportunity to connect with a role model close to their own age.

Teachers identify those children who can most benefit from an extra caring person in their lives. Volunteers and children meet weekly during the school year. Whether they play board games or read a book together, the relationship promotes a positive school experience for the child, resulting in better attendance, positive peer and adult relationships, a positive attitude, and academic enrichment.

boy scouts of america laurel highlands

Tracey Burkey, Chief Development Officer

Flag Plaza Scout Center
1275 Bedford Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Ph (724) 816-2518

Kenneth Smith, Senior District Executive, Beaver Valley and Frontier Districts
Ph (412) 325-7966



Comprehensive Youth Development

It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential. This is an educational program for youth and adults to achieve three specific goals: to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship and to develop personal fitness.

Catholic Charities

Melissa Barr, Director

276 East End Avenue
Beaver, PA 15009
Ph (724) 775-0758
Fax (724) 775-0899



Anger Management: Group or individual counseling with a qualified therapist teaches clients to manage troublesome emotions and behavior. Available to teenagers and adults; male- and female-only groups are available.


Basic Needs Assistance: We offer assistance covering emergency needs, and general case management. Available free to Beaver County residents living within 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. 


Counseling: We offer counseling sessions for individuals, couples, and families. Sessions include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, bereavement, mental illness, and trauma. Please contact us further if you are in need of counseling services. Counseling fees may be paid through insurance or assessed on a sliding scale based on household income.


Co-Parenting and Transparenting: We offer Co-Parenting and Transparenting sessions for divorced and separating parents who wish to learn to communicate and collaborate better as they raise their children, and Parenting and Family Communication sessions for parents and families working on improving their cooperation and communication skills.  


Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services: At our Beaver County Outreach, we provide free, confidential pregnancy testing, counseling and education, and free infant-care items to expectant parents and the parents of children up to the age of 2. All Pregnancy and Parenting services are free and available to all who approach us for help.  


Referrals: We provide referrals to other social service agencies to address needs that are beyond the scope of our programs.

girl scouts wpa

Lara Hein, Development Assistant

30 Isabella Street, Suite 107
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Ph (412) 594-2205
Fax (412) 391-4413

Paula Cribbs X1505
433 Third Street
Beaver, PA 15009
Ph (724) 774-3553    
Fax (724) 774-8557


Girl Scout Pathways in Beaver County

Girl Scouting offers girls a variety of ways to participate. Our program pathways—or membership options—include troops, events, series, camps, and travel opportunities. Nearly all programs are organized under the following topics: STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), Healthy Living, the Arts, the Environment, and Community Service.

Homemaker Home Health


Mary Ann Falcone-Bolland, Executive Director

376 Market Street
Beaver, PA 15009
Ph (724) 774-4002
Fax (724) 774-7703



Homemaker Services

Homemaker Home Health Aide Services improve the quality of life for frail elderly and younger adults with disabilities by helping them remain independent at home. Home Health Aides assist with hands-on care for bathing, dressing and grooming, light housekeeping, meals, laundry, linen changes, shopping and supervision. Respite Care offers caregiver relief from these essential activities. Our services offer hundreds of people in our community the opportunity to remain where they most desire, at home.


Laura Lee McKinney, Development Director

138 Friendship Circle
Beaver, PA 15009
Ph (724) 774-6494
Fax (724) 774-9395
Central Office Number: (724) 283-1010



Integrated Pre-school/Early Intervention

An educational program for young children of all abilities. Currently working with children from 3 to 5 years of age in a small classroom setting. Each class is 3 hours in length. Each child is assessed in seven areas of development: 

  1. communication
  2. cognitive
  3. motor
  4. social
  5. physical
  6. affective
  7. behavioral

An Individual Program Plan (IPP) maybe designed for each child. Using the results of their evaluation, the children’s strengths and needs are determined, and long-and short-term goals are established so that delays can be minimized and/or overcome. We collaborate with Pre-K Counts which allows us to serve 20 children who meet certain criteria including those with developmental concerns, English not being their first language, income level below 300% of the poverty level, and/or from single-parent homes.

Early Care/Education

An Early Care and Education program for children 6 weeks of age to 6 years old of all abilities. Program is offered from 6:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and is licensed as a childcare center by the PA Department of Public Welfare. The primary objective is to offer a loving and caring environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests according to their own individual needs. Through activities and play, children learn social, behavioral, cognitive, and language skills; thus, preparing them to enter school ready to learn and with a better chance to succeed. Early learning opportunities reach children in their critical first years of life and set them on a successful path in school. By enabling parents to work and children to thrive we are contributing to family stability and the economic growth of Pennsylvania. 

mental health assn

Joanne Koehler, Executive Director

105 Brighton Avenue
Rochester, PA 15074
Ph (724) 775-4165
Fax (724) 775-8523



Education/ Referral

The agency provides information, referral, support, training, and education on mental health/co-occurring wellness and recovery for families, individuals, community leaders, and professionals.


The agency provides individual and system advocacy services for individuals and families with single and complex needs and interviews individuals and families to report on their satisfaction with behavioral health services.


The agency provides social programs, money management, community group activities, and life skills for individuals who live independently, in personal care homes, and community support facilities.

myasthenia gravis

Maree Gallagher, Executive Director

490 East North Avenue, Suite 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Ph (412) 566-1545
Fax (412) 566-1550



Treatment and Advocacy Center

The treatment and advocacy center functions within the partnership with the West Penn Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh. Administrative offices provide healthcare professionals who are expert in the field of Myasthenia Gravis. Staff provides coordinated care services, education to the medical community and families to enable early diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care and social and emotional support.

New! Support Group in Beaver County

We are pleased to announce that the Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western PA is sponsoring a new MG support group in Beaver County. The group will meet on the third Saturday of each month, from 1pm – 2:30pm, beginning September 17, 2016 at the Heritage Valley Health System Beaver Campus. Patients, friends and family are all welcome.

Please call MGA for more info and to RSVP – 412-566-1545

the ARC

Nancy Murray, President

105 Beaver Valley Mall, Rt 18
Monaca, PA 15061
Ph (724) 775-1602
Fax (724) 775-2905



Advocacy & Family Supports: Supporting families and advocating for children with disabilities.

Employment Supports: Provides employment training and opportunities for people with disabilities while matching skills and interests to community partners. 

The Cornerstone of Beaver County


600 6th Street
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

Ph (724) 846-6400


The Cornerstone of Beaver County provides emergency housing, basic needs, and resources for our Beaver County brothers and sisters who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Ultimately, we help create a pathway home where they can build a foundation for hope, health, and a future of possibilities.

24-Hour Men’s Emergency Shelter: Located at 697 State Street in Vanport, PA 15009. The main entrance and main parking lot are in the back of the building. The fully-staffed, 24-hour men’s shelter is intentionally designed to provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment as well as wrap-around services to help ensure that guests are able to successfully transition to permanent housing, independence, and ultimately, a future of hope and possibilities. The Cornerstone of Beaver County (TCBC) has worked to prevent and end homelessness in Beaver County since 2016, serving hundreds of people and families each year.

Call (724) 846-6400.
We prefer a phone call first to ensure space is available and to conduct a brief initial needs screening.


Lutheran Service Society

John Dickey, President & CEO

440 Lincoln Avenue
Pittsburgh (Bellevue), PA 15202
Ph (412) 734-9330
Fax (412) 734-1844



Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides a nutritional meal, as well as a face-to-face visit for persons unable to shop, cook, or otherwise produce an adequately nutritious meal for themselves. Meals are generally delivered daily (Monday-Friday) by volunteers who provide the visit with each consumer to check on the safety and well being of the consumers, and report any noticeable changes in the health and safety of the consumer.

salvation army

Major Evelyn Hopping, Beaver County Coordinator/Beaver Falls Corps Officer
Lieutenant Fabi Soto, Beaver Falls Assistant Corps Officer

414 16th Street    P.O. Box 600
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Ph (724) 846-2330
Fax (724) 846-9551



Comprehensive Assistance

These programs address the material needs of families and individuals. Food assistance is offered through our local food pantry programs, soup kitchens and children’s summer lunch programs. Utility assistance and emergency lodging is provided as funds are available. Seasonal assistance in the form of winter clothing, children’s Christmas gifts and family Christmas baskets are offered during the month of December.

Social Development

The Salvation Army of Beaver County maintains a variety of development activities at the following Corps: Aliquippa, Beaver Falls and Rochester. Character building and music programs for school age children provide a safe environment for youth to develop leadership, work through conflicts, and develop healthy peer relationships. Church services are also offered on Sundays at each of these locations.

women's center of beaver county

Darlene Thomas, Executive Director

P.O. Box 428
Beaver, PA 15009
Ph (724)775-2032
Fax (724) 775-2750



Domestic Violence

The Women’s Center is the only provider of self-referred and walk-in emergency and transitional shelter services for victims of domestic violence and their children and for homeless women and their children. The shelter provides a safe temporary residence for victims and homeless women and their children where they can reside and address their needs brought on by domestic violence and homelessness.