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Who is ALICE?

ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed – households that earn more than the Federal Poverty Level but less than the basic cost of living.

In Beaver County, an astounding 38% of the households who are working, perhaps several jobs, are not able to afford the essentials! The individual Beaver County neighborhood ALICE percentages range from 17% to 73%, with too many hovering right around the 50% mark. Many in this group earn too much to qualify for assistance programs, so their need is often overlooked.

We must see them and help them!

Although the 17 Member Agencies currently funded by the United Way of Beaver County provide services to ALICE households, there are many additional non-profit organizations in the county that serve ALICE and those in poverty, but who do not receive United Way funding. The UWBC Board of Directors recently voted to develop an ALICE Fund through which we will provide mini-grants to charities in Beaver County serving this vulnerable population. However, we need to raise more money to allow us to do this.

We feel incredibly fortunate to announce that we have secured three matching grant offers to support our efforts in aiding ALICE. Currently, we have successfully matched two of the grants. Notably, Shell Polymers in Monaca, which initially provided a $50,000 matching grant, has generously increased its support by an additional $25,000. This additional funding is earmarked to match donations specifically allocated to The ALICE Fund, as well as new contributions to the United Way of Beaver County or donations surpassing the individual’s contribution from the previous year. All matched donations will supplement The ALICE Fund, enabling us to finance essential mini-grants.


How it works:

All first-time donations to the United Way of Beaver County, or contributions surpassing the previous year’s amount from either companies or individuals will be eligible for matching. Similarly, donations designated exclusively to The ALICE Fund will also be matched. For instance, if an individual contributed $5,000 last year and increases their donation to $6,000 this year, the additional $1,000 will be matched, resulting in a total of $2,000 allocated to the ALICE Fund (with the initial $5,000 supporting our Annual Campaign). If someone did not contribute last year, their entire donation this year will be matched. Your generosity makes a significant impact, ensuring that each donation is maximized to help those in need.

These mini-grants have the ability to help so many Beaver County families in 2024 and beyond – families that we may never be able to help otherwise. If you are able to increase the amount that you give, even by a small margin, that will mean so much to the United Way of Beaver County, but it will mean so much more to that 38% who are truly struggling! Your donation will contribute to the well-being and stability of families in Beaver County, creating a positive ripple effect for years to come.

Make a donation to the ALICE Fund